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Logistics. Asset tracking. Field sales. Device education and compliance. Yeah, we do that.  

What Can ConnectSx Do for You?


As the web-based command center of the ConnectSx platform, the Console gives you full visibility into your inventory, total control over surgical caseloads, and instant access to sales transaction documents.


An integrated iOS inventory application designed to make field staff more efficient. Track and manage trunk-stock in real-time; immediately capture and share POs; instantly scan barcodes; track expirations, and more.


vTray leverages a patented approach to deliver device-specific knowledge and procedural instructions in the operating room, making surgical teams more effective. Share information and deliver support with a few taps.


Turn your smartphone into a UDI barcode scanner with UDIdentify. Get instant access to device data and information exports; easily scan, track, and manage unique device identifiers; see what’s in FDA GUDID in an instant.

Who Uses ConnectSx?

Device Manufacturers

ConnectSx gives device manufacturers full visibility from the warehouse to the field – providing real-time insights into location, status, and use to help you manage inventory more efficiently, while reducing waste and errors.

Device Distributors

ConnectSx helps device distributors extend the effectiveness of your sales team with an integrated solution for managing surgical cases, inventory, and product details from each manufacturer. Know what you have, where it is, and when it’s due back. Instantly.

Individual Sales Reps

ConnectSx simplifies sales reps’ daily workflows with mobile inventory control, case management, device education and billing. Our solution can accelerate payments, reduce administrative hassle, mitigate waste from loss and expiration, and cut admin time by 50%.

Hospitals / ASCs

ConnectSx provides real-time access to device inventory, usage, and procedural techniques. Get an up-to-date view on expirations and usage to simplify reorders, minimize delays, errors and waste in the OR. Save time, reduce costs, and support improved outcomes.

Why ConnectSx?

The healthcare status quo is unsustainable. Under pressures of price compression and increasing regulation, healthcare providers and manufacturers must improve the quality of care while lowering costs for patients – without adding extra admin hassle. Leveraging our clinical and technical expertise, we designed ConnectSx to achieve these goals through one intuitive, innovative, integrated platform.

By connecting siloed data and managing device knowledge throughout the entire supply chain – from device manufacturing to device distribution and sales to medical and surgical device use in the clinical setting – ConnectSx helps prevent errors and delays, reduce waste, improve inventory visibility, and increase efficiency. Our tools simplify complex workflows for medical device manufacturers, distributors, sales reps and the surgical teams they serve, potentially improving patient care and reducing healthcare costs through more effective supply chain management and increased sales force effectiveness.

Weather the supply chain storm, optimize your inventory to sell more!

Without proper inventory visibility and sales reporting, it is impossible to understand how effectively inventory is being utilized in the field. Ultimately the key to solving these problems is knowledge.

Managing expirations is easy, except when it isn’t…

How are you managing your inventory? Do you even know where your inventory is? Do you know when inventory is going to expire, and do you have a plan for how to handle it when it does?  It’s pretty common for us to hear that medical device companies, particularly new...

We’ve got a new Look!

We have recently launched a complete redesign of the ConnectSx Console. With refined navigation, a brand-new UI, and more intuitive workflows, this is our easiest-to-use version yet.With each update, we continue to learn from our customers and stakeholders, constantly...

Is your medical device value chain “Recall Ready”?

Recently the FDA published a guidance requiring device manufacturers to be “Recall-Ready” noting, “It is critical that all companies in the supply chain are 'recall ready' to ensure appropriate actions are taken swiftly across the distribution channels to best protect...

Oceans of Data in the Medical Device Value Chain

A significant challenge facing healthcare is determining how to manage the oceans of healthcare data created across the medical device value chain, and specifically during the delivery of care.

Why we need to develop resilient, flexible medical supply chains

Medical supply chains continue to be constrained by a wide range of factors, making it more difficult to take advantage of tech advances than in other industries like retail or agriculture.

How to save medical device companies from the pandemic? Improve medical device billing.

When it comes to the medical device value chain, medical device billing has always been a complex and, at times, chaotic process to keep a handle on.

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