It’s your inventory. Track EVERYTHING.

ConnectSx is the solution for managing your medical device inventory and sales in real-time, from the first mile to the last. 

The best solution for your entire ecosystem


See your assets, anywhere

End-to-end inventory visibility for kitted and loose inventory, by custodian, location, case, lot, UDI, and more.

Simple Case Management

Never lose sight of activity out in the field. ConnectSx lets you pro-actively manage your surgical caseload from start to finish, in a fraction of the time.

Receive and fill orders, fast

Centralize your inventory requests, simplify asset movements to and from the field, and track everything, anywhere, in no time.

Visualize, report, react

Instantly access sales and inventory reports. Visualize expirations, par levels, and backorders. Get predictive analysis and take automated actions.

Automation improves it all

Automate historically complex tasks to speed up processes and reduce errors to reclaim multiple hours every week.

Empower your customers

Bring new value to your hospital and ASC customers by allowing them to accept shipments and add POs directly to the system, without ever logging in. The best part? No license required!


Manage from anywhere

Get a complete view of your team’s activity, regardless of location. See upcoming cases, missing POs, expiring inventory, commissions due, and more.

Support critical cases

Get a real-time view of case schedules and the inventory requests that support them. Use integrated messaging tools to ensure everyone is on the same page, all the time.

See who's crushing it (and who isn't)

Track your team’s sales performance against individual targets. Report on sales productivity, sales velocity, and emerging opportunities without opening a single spreadsheet.

Stay ahead of the game

Get a birds-eye view of outstanding POs, expiring inventory, and overdue sets to avoid costly business disruptions.


Purpose-built on purpose

A mobile-first platform for iOS and Android to meet the demanding, on-the-go needs of device reps. With integrated scanning and “offline mode” to help you manage whatever comes up.

It's all real-time, all the time

Consignments, truck stock, replenishment orders, inventory transfers; all your data is at your fingertips and updated in real-time. No surprises. 

Move at warp speed

Schedule cases and make inventory requests in seconds, literally. Mark devices and generate sales orders with a few clicks. No more paper, no more hassles, no more headaches. 

Be your customer's superhero

Easily share bill sheets with your customers. Add POs with a click or let them do it themselves. Sending inventory right to the hospital? Let them make it received without picking up the phone. 

It really is that easy

Because it’s all on your phone, you can scan barcodes, capture images of device labels and patient stickers, and track locations without extra tool, time, or clutter. 

Emerging medical device companies are using ConnectSx to build their brand with field sales teams, increase their operational efficiency, and maximize their inventory investment. Check out our case study with device manufacturer Aevumed to learn more.

Your team is awesome. Your software should be, too.

Minimize Errors

Improve data quality at all stages to avoid compliance issues and delays in payment

Reduce Waste

Ensure comprehensive tracking throughout a device’s lifecycle, including location and expiration

Improve Turns

Increasing the visibility of assets in the field ensures efficient movement to your most productive accounts

Lower Costs

Increase the efficiency of your team, automate manual tasks, and support real-time decision-making

Increase Sales

Increase team effectiveness by reducing administrative burden and simplifying repetitive tasks to reclaim selling time

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