Transform your inventory operations, from the warehouse to the patient.

From logistics to sales, asset tracking to expiration management, compliance reporting to predictive modeling; we help you unlock the power of your data and accelerate your business, in real-time.

A relentless focus on what you need. Period.


Gain end-to-end inventory visibility of kitted and lose inventory

Take control of surgical caseloads from start to finish

Centralize your management of inventory requests and movements

Instantly access sales reports, track expirations, and manage compliance data

Automate complex tasks to free up time and minimize errors


Manage your entire team from anywhere

Review upcoming cases and the inventory requests to support them

Track sales targets and team performance

Stay on top of outstanding POs, expiring inventory, and overdue sets

Access the reports you need, when you need them


Built for Android & iOS, designed for sales teams

Manage consignments and trunk stock in real-time

Make loaner/restock requests in seconds

Capture & share bill sheets, POs,  invoices, and more

Scan barcodes, capture images, and store device labels

Emerging medical device companies are using ConnectSx to build their brand with field sales teams, increase their operational efficiency, and maximize their inventory investment. Check out our case study with device manufacturer Aevumed to learn more.

Your needs are unique. We get it.


Complete visibility from the warehouse to the field

Support for kitted inventory, contract pricing, and multiple sales channels

Real-time insights into location, status, and usage

Increase efficiency, reduce waste, and support revenue and growth


Extend your sales team’s effectiveness

Manage cases, inventory, and product details

Know what you have, where it is, and when it’s due back, instantly

Track the sales performance of your entire team without opening a spreadsheet

Sales Reps

Control inventory, manage cases, and simplify the billing process

Accelerate payments, reduce administrative hassle, and cut admin time by 50% or more

Automate common tasks to put more time back in your day


Real-time access to device inventory, usage, and procedural techniques

Get an up-to-date view of expirations and usage

Simplify reorders, and minimize delays, errors, and waste in the OR

Save time, reduce costs, and support improved outcomes

Maintaining the status quo is not an option

COVID-19 exposed the fragility of our supply chains and reminded us that innovation is irrelevant without the infrastructure to support it. Concerns over inflation, continued price compression, and increasing regulation are all converging to force healthcare providers and manufacturers to improve the quality of care while lowering costs for patients – without adding extra admin hassle.

How do you do that?

It’s simple, really. You automate. You integrate. You innovate. Ok, so maybe it’s not so simple. That’s where we come in.

Leveraging our clinical and technical expertise, we designed ConnectSx to address each of these concerns through one intuitive, innovative, integrated platform. By connecting siloed data and managing key asset information across the entire value chain, ConnectSx helps:

Reduce Errors

Improve data quality at all stages to avoid compliance issues and delays in payment

Reduce Waste

Ensure comprehensive tracking throughout a device’s lifecycle, including location and expiration

Improve Turns

Increasing the visibility of assets in the field ensures efficient movement to your most productive accounts

Reduce Costs

Increase the efficiency of your team, automate manual tasks, and support real-time decision making

Increase Sales

Increase team effectiveness by reducing administrative burden and simplifying repetitive tasks to reclaim selling time  

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