Here’s the stuff most people really want to know about (it’s just our FAQs).

How does this save money?

ConnectSx allows you to effectively track and manage your devices from the time a case is scheduled all the way through use in the operating room, minimizing product wast and helping to maximize inventory turns. Accurate data recording reduces errors which reduces human intervention and speeds up time to pay. Sophisticated knowledge delivery extends the effectiveness of your existing sales and surgical teams. A simplified method for UDI tracking, along with accommodations for alternative methods, reduces the burden of compliance measures that can carry overwhelming costs. To be more direct and to the point: it makes your team–the whole team–more effective. That saves you money. 

How will this increase efficiency?

With ConnectSx, your team doesn’t have to manually manage and manipulate data through the surgical lifecycle. No more recording numbers on paper, managing sticker barcodes and faxed information. With accurate data recording at the point of scheduling, everything moves faster. And with our patented vTray app and our iPhone Inventory app, there is no guessing which instruments get used when, making both the sales and surgical teams more effective.

How will this improve patient outcomes?

The entire platform is build around a single question: how can we have a significant impact on the surgical value chain? By effectively tracking UDIs, ConnectSx ensures transparency of use, improving device identification at the individual level. With surgical and cleaning technique guides at your fingertips, ConnectSx improves device use and reduces risk of contamination. By creating transparency in the supply chain, we help manufacturers and hospital systems reduce waste and control costs. And by gathering data at scale, we create space to inspire innovation. That’s not just good for patients, it’s good for everyone.

How does this help with FDA compliance?

UDI is a reality. With compliance dates on the horizon for even the smallest, most complex instruments and implants, the pressure is on to find a reasonable, reliable, scalable solution that won’t bankrupt smaller device manufacturers. ConnectSx has patent-pending methods that are low cost, highly accurate, and just make sense. Of course, we also accommodate alternative methods like barcodes, data carrier tags, and cross reference to meet any operational needs. With data formatted to allow for future integration into the patient record, this is only the beginning.

Is your platform HIPAA compliant?

Yes. We use cloud infratructure with an exectuted BAA with our provider. We have built our platform to abstract all personally identifiable information from case and procedure information, and continue to develop new and innovative ways to protect your information and minimize the risk of data breach. Finally, we work wiht Compliance Corporation to ensure we are meeting HIPAA guidance with our overall  business practices.

Can ConnectSx integrate with my existing ERP?

ConnectSx is built with an API-centred architecture. What that means, practically speaking, is that the data coming into and flowing out of ConnectSx can be readily accessed (with the right permissions) not only to drive our mobile and web apps, but also (wait for it) … to integrate your case and inventory activity data with a multitude (yes, we just used that word) of administrative and enterprise applications. If you need more specific information on how you’d make that work, shoot us a note.

What happens if the tablet fails during surgery - it is dropped and irreversibly damaged, for example?

ConnectSx is not reliant on a single physical device. As a cloud-based SaaS platform, as long as you have a log in, you have access to your data. Break an iPad? Just log into your ConnectSx account from another iPad with the vTray app and you’re all set. Don’t have multiple iPads or iPhones at the ready? Before the case begins, be sure to print out a paper copy of the case documents and, if the worst happens, you’ve got analog on standby. When the case is over, log into the console and record your information from paper to digital to keep all your records straight.

What happens if there is no WiFi in the operating room?

Believe it or not, we’ve thought of that. In fact, we are just going to assume you can’t get a connection in surgery and have built our vTray app accordingly. With ConnectSx, before the case begins, you download the case data directly to the vTray. That way you have everything on the local device regardless of your connection to the internet. All actions during the case are managed and stored locally and can be synched with our cloud servers periodically during the case or all at once when the case is complete. Simple.

Can the same data be accessed from multiple devices?

Yes! That is, as long as the person logging in to the app has been given access to the relevant data. So if you’re sales rep wants to let the circulating nurse and scrub tech see the same thing they’re seeing, just make sure you have enough devices, have given the right people access to the case, and just like magic* you’re in.

(*It isn’t really magic. It’s just good design.)

Does the data from ConnectSx make it into the EMR?

ConnectSx is architected to accommodate consumption of our data in a way that makes sense for the specific Hospital, Health System, or Surgery Center. We do not feed data to the EMR by default, but have built an API-centered infrastructure to allow for that and various other possibilities. If you are interested in learning more about how we can integrate with your specific systems contact us to set up a conversation.

So what does all of this cost?

As a SaaS platform, ConnectSx delivers value without the need for costly hardware and other infrastructure. All you need is a subscription to the service and we manage the rest. But, since every customer’s needs are different, the cost will vary from organization to organization. If you would like to get a better understanding of overall cost for your specific environment, contact us to get a customized quote.