Take Complete Control of the Medical Device Supply Chain

The ConnectSx Console gives you full visibility into your entire inventory – simplifying medical device management.

The medical device supply chain can be cumbersome to navigate – with many moving parts and different tools to manage the constant flow of instruments and information. Without a streamlined system in place, it can be nearly impossible for device manufacturers to track and control important device data that drives their bottom line to meet sales goals, while keeping up with changing regulations.

As the central control center of the ConnectSx platform, the Console is your hub to dominate medical device supply chain management. By connecting critical information that was previously scattered throughout the supply chain, the Console empowers you to take control of your device inventory and data.

How the ConnectSx Console Benefits Device Manufacturers and Distributors

Gain Full Visibility Across the Value Chain

Gain total transparency across the entire value chain with a comprehensive solution that seamlessly manages device data, usage statistics and case details in one place. Never lose track of surgical inventory or information again.

Achieve Optimal Efficiency

Minimize the administrative headaches associated with inventory control in healthcare and maximize your time with a tool that simplifies complex workflows – preventing disruptions and delays with improved inventory efficiency.

Increase Quality Control

Standardize your workflows and improve your data quality by automating medical device management. To keep up with rapid healthcare transformation, you need a reliable system that keeps valuable data accessible, accurate and secure.

Access Actionable Insights

Examine critical business analytics and device usage statistics to improve inventory control in healthcare. By connecting traditionally siloed information, ConnectSx turns data into meaningful insights that can empower better performance.

Capabilities of the ConnectSx Console

Simple Inventory Control

See how your entire surgical inventory is allocated at-a-glance, and easily move inventory from the warehouse to the field by initiating transfers and fulfilling replenishment requests.

Surgical Case Planning

Efficiently manage surgical cases, schedule new cases, and assign device inventory to cases – ensuring just-in-time delivery of knowledge and devices required for positive surgical outcomes.

Knowledge Delivery

Upload your product catalog and interface with native inventory systems through the Console’s API. Create customized surgical technique guides to deliver product knowledge to the field.

UDI Tracking

Control device data easily with seamless integration for UDI tracking and automated validation of UDI barcodes against the federal GUDID database. Compliance just got a little easier.

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Data?