Your software shouldn’t tell you how many hats you can wear

You do more than one thing at a time. Your tools should support that.

The medical device supply chain is complex. It can be cumbersome to navigate. Multiple moving parts and a sea of tools to manage the constant flow of devices, supplies, and information increase cost, slow productivity, and increase risk.

Maybe you’re fortunate, spinning one plate at a time. But probably not. Likely, you have responsibility across functional areas. You have to walk and chew gum at the same time.

Whether you’re in operations, finance, distribution, customer service, sales, or some mixture of everything, your software should support you, not slow you down. 

ConnectSx is a powerful, integrated platform that helps you manage your medical device supply chain, from the warehouse to the point of use and everywhere in between.

ConnectSx doesn’t just support your operation; it drives it.

Full Visibility. Really.

  • Complete transparency across the entire device ecosystem
  • Seamless management of device data, usage statistics and case details
  • Never lose sight of inventory or device information again

Optimal Efficiency

  • Minimize administrative headaches and overhead
  • Simplify complex workflows from movements to cases to cycle counts
  • Prevent disruptions and delays with improved inventory efficiency

Better Quality Control

  • Standardize workflows to automate device management and improve data quality
  • Store valuable data securely and accurately
  • Improve data accessibility to support compliance needs

Actionable Insights

  • Ready access to critical business analytics and device usage statistics
  • Connect traditionally siloed information to turn disparate data into actionable insights

If it improves operations, ConnectSx has you covered

Simple Inventory Control

See how your inventory is allocated at-a-glance, and easily move assets from the warehouse to the field by initiating transfers and fulfilling replenishment requests. Track expirations, due-back information, notes, and even images at the individual device level.

Surgical Case Planning and Management

Efficiently manage surgical cases, schedule new cases and other events, and assign device inventory to cases – ensuring just-in-time delivery of knowledge and supplies required for positive surgical outcomes. Instantly generate sales order forms, capture POs, and send comprehensive invoices to speed payment and minimize errors. 

Device and Kit Management

Set inspection intervals and get automatic reminders when items need inspection or recalibration. For kits and trays, use our check-in workflow to verify and document when kits are complete and ready for the field, every time they come in. 

UDI Tracking

Control device data easily with seamless integration for UDI tracking and automated validation of UDI barcodes against the federal GUDID database. Compliance just got a little easier.

Are you ready to make “more” easier?