So, what’s this all going to cost me?

You deserve all the information

We know what it’s like to be a potential software consumer, just trying to find the right solution for your company, when you come to a promising website only to be told “You’re going to have to call us before we show you anything useful. And please don’t ask about our pricing. It’s complicated”

Well, that’s not the way we do business.

We believe in our platform. We believe in the value it can generate for you, our customer. We believe our pricing is fair. And because we believe all those things, we also believe there is no reason to hide it from you. In fact, we think once you know what it costs, once you can do the math for yourself, you’re going to be even more interested to see exactly what we can do for your business, your team, and your customers.

So, what’s our pricing model?

Our pricing model is simple: We charge per license (per user), per month, based on role. This makes our platform accessible to smaller companies with limited users, predictable for companies poised to grow, and manageable for organizations with large teams.

We have 12-month contract minimums; if you want to pay in advance, you get a discount. If you are a larger company with a lot of users, contact us to discuss additional pricing options and tiered discounts for organizations at scale.

The prices below reflect monthly payments on a per-license basis.

** Requires access from your account owner

What else do we charge for?

There are a few optional items that carry variable costs, depending on your company’s specific needs. Those include:

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Every license comes with access to basic reporting and visualizations. Sometimes that’s not enough. We provide access to advanced reporting capabilities, including custom reports. For specific prices based on your company’s needs, schedule a call now to learn more.

Custodian Only Licenses

If you have users in the field that need to be modeled in the system, but you aren’t quite ready to allow them full access, we can provide “custodian only” licenses. These licenses allow you to build a comprehensive organizational structure while keeping costs down until you’re ready for a full roll-out. Custodian-only licenses can be upgraded at any time without losing the user’s activity history. Custodian-only users also have access to our partially authenticated inventory request and event form, defraying some of the administrative burden for these users. All accounts come with 25 free custodian-only licenses.  Schedule a call now to learn more.

Custom development

We don’t do “custom” development. Which is to say, we don’t build individual widgets that only one customer will find useful. We do, however, work with our customers to align their individual requests to a much broader audience that can be supported by our team. In those cases, if a customer wishes to fast-track a feature to meet their specific needs, we can develop a cost-sharing proposal for review. Schedule a call now to learn more.


Not everyone needs help implementing our solution, but many prefer to work with us to streamline the experience. This typically includes data capture, cleaning, and verification; data import; user acceptance testing; user training; and other assistance as needed. Schedule a call now to learn more.


Our platform was designed with an API-centered architecture, meaning we can help you integrate with many other systems. We have Basic and Advanced integrations with a growing list of Cloud Platforms, as well as the ability to support custom integrations. Some of our basic cloud integrations are standard with your subscription, while advanced and custom integrations carry additional costs. Each system has specific needs and limitations, requiring customized investigation and estimates. Schedule a call now to learn more.


Basic online support is always free. We have videos, a knowledge base, and an online ticketing system that can meet the needs of many of our customers. If you need more robust support, we offer 2 additional tiers that are paid monthly as a percentage of your total license costs. Schedule a call now to learn more.

Why is this a good deal?

When thinking about operational software, it is easy to get stuck in the mindset of “pure cost.” ERPs are a good example: Sure, you need them to manage your assets, but they don’t exactly drive revenue. But revenue isn’t the only picture you need to be paying attention to.

That’s why we take a different approach.

Our solution provides ROI for both your top and bottom lines by addressing two critical opportunities in healthcare: Material waste and time inefficiency.

Time is money. If you save significant administrative time–especially the time of your revenue-generating salesforce–you free up selling time, which can result in new revenue, growing your top line.

ConnectSx can save your resources 2-5 hours/week. That can add up to more than 100 hours/year, per resource. 

Material waste impacts your bottom line. If you track assets effectively, reduce shrink, and minimize expiration loss, that goes right back to your bottom line.

ConnectSx can help you reduce inventory loss by 20% or more.

As a bonus, if you can more effectively move inventory in the field, you can reduce shipping costs and potentially reduce overbuilding inventory. Again, more bottom line.

ConnectSx can help you reduce your shipping costs by up to 25% just by tracking when items are needed.

We know your business is unique. That’s precisely why there may be even more opportunities for revenue growth and cost reduction. Our team is ready to learn more about your business and your specific needs so we can help you better define the value our platform can drive into your organization.

Stop wondering if there’s a better way. There is. We want to show you.

Are you ready to take control?