Get UDI data instantly, right in the palm of your hand

Simplify the way you manage medical device inventory with UDidentify, a free app that makes it easy to scan, track and manage unique device identifiers.

The FDA now requires all medical devices to be labeled with unique device identifiers (UDI) that store important product details in GUDID, the global UDI database. By creating a standardized system for sharing critical information about medical devices, GUDID can advance the supply chain for manufacturers, distributors, sales reps and hospital systems – but only if your data is managed efficiently.

Is the burden of FDA UDI compliance leaving you buried in paperwork and inefficiencies? Or are you extracting value from each UDI label to drive visibility across the medical device supply chain?

The Advantages of Scanning with UDidentify

Simplify Device Tracking

Standardize the way you identify and track medical devices with an easy-to-use mobile UDI scanner that effortlessly automates tedious, error-prone data entry – saving you time and boosting your efficiency.

Unlock FDA GUDID Data

Instantly access a wealth of device-specific details from the global UDI database (GUDID) to help you manage important information about each instrument and implant in your medical device inventory.

Reduce Regulatory Stress

By efficiently managing dynamic UDI data associated with each device, UDidentify reduces the time, cost and stress of FDA UDI compliance, while providing peace of mind that your device data is accurate.

Enhance the Distribution Chain

Improve the post-market traceability and surveillance of medical devices throughout their lifecycle, facilitating faster recalls and more accurate reporting of potential defects and expiration dates.

Access These Unmatched Capabilities with UDidentify

Simple UDI Scanning

Scan UDI label barcodes individually, or scan multiple barcodes on a packing sheet simultaneously, more quickly and accurately with UDidentify than with manual data entry.

Effortless UDI Validation

Verify UDI barcodes in the global UDI database and validate them against HIBCC, GS1, and ICCBA standards. Who said UDI validation had to be difficult? UDidentify makes UDI easy.

Instant Device Info

Instantly access critical, comprehensive device data about devices from the GUDID database – including product details, expiration dates, lot numbers and manufacturer info.

Easy Inventory Tracking

Track the history of all the medical devices you’ve scanned with UDidentify (manual intervention required for non-ConnectSx subscribers). Create a free account with your email address to send your detailed scan history to anyone.

Start Scanning UDI Labels the Easy Way

Want instant access to the GUDID database?  Download UDidentify for free to simplify UDI label scanning and device tracking.

How UDidentify Stacks Up Against Other UDI Solutions

What makes UDidentify the best tool to manage device-specific data from the global UDI database?

More Accurate Than Manual Data Entry

By automating the error-prone task of data entry, UDidentify scans unique device identifiers with more accuracy and efficiency than tedious manual tracking systems.

More Convenient Than Additional Equipment

Instead of weighing you down with bulky scanners and other equipment, UDidentify leverages the smartphone you already carry by turning it into a powerful mobile tool.

More Affordable Than Expensive Add-Ons

FDA compliance is already complex enough. You need a free, simple yet powerful tool that provides a reliable, scalable solution for UDI validation and UDI compliance.

More Integrated Than Ordinary Scanners

Unless your UDI scanner offers options to integrate device data into your native inventory management system, you’re not leveraging the full power of the GUDID database.

Enhance Your UDI Tracking Efficiency

Start scanning UDI labels today for free to experience a more productive workflow tomorrow.