We have recently launched a complete redesign of the ConnectSx Console. With refined navigation, a brand-new UI, and more intuitive workflows, this is our easiest-to-use version yet.

With each update, we continue to learn from our customers and stakeholders, constantly evolving our platform and implementing new features and functionality. Sometimes that means multiple small improvements; other times it means major revisions and significant new feature sets.

Version 4.0.0 of the ConnectSx console is our most ambitions release to-date, setting the stage for increased integration capabilities, enhanced efficiency tools, expanded automation, and smart analytics. Our roadmap is ambitious and this newest release lays the foundation for executing our vision of being the best-in-class solution for medical device inventory information and knowledge management.

Whether tracking device activity in the field, managing the knowledge delivery needs for new product launches, reducing inventory overhead, improving the efficiency of your sales team to strengthen your cash position, or leveraging key data insights to accelerate your business, ConnectSx is the only provider in the space with a holistic strategy for leveraging the potential of your inventory data to outrun your competition.

If you’re interested in learning more about our recent updates and want to know what’s on the horizon, drop us a line and let’s chat.