We’re excited to announce ConnectSx, through Spinal Generations, LLC, has been issued US Patent #10,117,722: “Integrated surgical implant delivery system and method.”

This new patent, along with patent #9,827,048 issued last November, supports the long-term vision of ConnectSx to deliver a fully integrated platform for managing medical device information and product support.

Imagine using your cell phone or tablet to read a device’s UDI, access critical information about that device like serial number, expiration, sterilization instructions, or surgical technique guides. Imagine being able to see a chain of custody history just by scanning a device. Imagine being able to find inventory implicated in a recall AND immediately determine where and when that device was used. Imagine using a mobile device or existing in-OR monitors and networked computers to enable dynamic support for any device scanned or looked up by product code.

The ability to recognize and leverage the device identifier using RFID, barcode scan, OCR, and other means, and then using that data to deliver information, knowledge, and support specific to the instrument or implant, uniquely positions ConnectSx to help device manufacturers and the hospitals they serve improve supply chain logistics, increase overall efficiency, reduce waste, and support positive patient outcomes.

Though still in active development, we believe the capabilities supported by this newest patent is a game changer and we’re excited to continue pushing our technology forward, building the foundation for future innovations that will strengthen the delivery of medical care and promote the evolution of healthcare.