An average day in the life of a medical device rep is in constant flux. In order to drive value for customers and ensure positive patient outcomes, a sales rep has to be an expert at managing information, time, and materials which are perpetually changing. From keeping an up-to-date schedule of surgical cases at a multitude of care centers with multiple surgeons, to personally managing a costly and ever-churning inventory, to ensuring OR education and readiness – daily life can be incredibly complex. Luckily with the advent of mobile devices, many reps have been able to use tools like email, excel, calendars, etc. to manage these moving pieces. However, even then they are having to rely on handfuls of tools and services to keep everything straight. Information is not centralized, processes aren’t streamlined, and success ultimately comes down to the individual’s ability to multitask at a very high level.

This is not to say that many sales reps aren’t good at managing this, and that they aren’t driving value for their customers. But workflow management of this kind and with this level of complexity does, without question, create risk. It’s the risk that a ball will get dropped; that a device doesn’t arrive; that a tray doesn’t get sterilized in time for a case; that a tracking number is incorrectly transcribed; that the wrong device gets used. The risks–and others–have a real impact on the patient, on the provider, and on the entire surgical value chain.

Whatever the processes or tools being used to manage this highly fluid environment, and regardless of whether or not they are effective, what I never hear is that this is “simple,” or “easy,” or “intuitive,” or “reliable.”

So, what if the sales rep didn’t have to worry about managing all of these moving logistical targets in as many different tools and systems? What if the sales rep could focus on driving value – education in the OR, quality of care, inventory accuracy? The opportunity cost of this time and effort is huge.

That is why it’s long past due for the advent of a new type of platform – a holistic, integrated, value-driven system for managing these processes. A platform like ConnectSx – which is releasing a free-to-use version of the vTrakr Inventory App this week. The goal Is to extend the sales rep, build their capacity, free them up so they can provide value in new ways and improve the quality of care. And, not least of all,  to make their lives easier in the process.

Give your reps the tools they need to get the job done! Reach out today to learn how ConnectSx can help your field team!