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Boost efficiency with integrated surgical inventory management software that can advance your business objectives and enhance patient care.

We Understand Spine

Outdated tools have fractured the surgical device supply chain in high-cost/high-value spine procedures – leaving room for costly errors, lost inventory, and massive surgical waste. Device manufacturers, distributors, sales reps and hospital systems need a more efficient way to share critical knowledge about their surgical inventory without sacrificing response time or quality of care.

Through a comprehensive platform of innovative Software-as-a-Service solutions, ConnectSx seamlessly integrates with existing systems and workflows to simplify surgical case management, inventory control, device education, and other complex workflows – increasing productivity and efficiency for everyone involved.

By improving visibility into high-value spine inventory across the supply chain, ConnectSx can help your team overcome common medical device supply chain challenges to accelerate device sales, automate billing, improve cash flow, and minimize surgical waste – potentially reducing healthcare costs through supply chain management.

Learn more about our products below.

ConnectSx Console

As the central administrative hub of the ConnectSx platform, the Console gives spine device manufacturers, distributors, and providers complete control over their device data. Through an intuitive web-based application, the Console provides full visibility into your device inventory and surgical caseload – simplifying case management and inventory control.



Whether you need to initiate device transfers, fulfill replenishment requests, assign inventory to new cases, or create customized surgical technique guides for using products in the OR – the Console is your key to allocating surgical devices and data to the right place at the right time.

From the Console’s simple command center, you can efficiently:

  • Manage your entire product catalog from any browser, anywhere
  • See how your surgical inventory is allocated at-a-glance and move it where it needs to be
  • Integrate data from existing systems to standardize and improve data quality
  • Analyze valuable business insights and device usage statistics to optimize inventory flow

Imagine how much smoother the surgical supply chain could be if every data touchpoint was connected.

ConnectSx vTrakr

Simplify surgical inventory management and surgical case management with ConnectSx vTrakr, a mobile app designed for device sales reps and hospital inventory managers on the go. By replacing manual, error-prone tracking methods with the intuitive capabilities of ConnectSx, vTrakr minimizes the burden of inventory control to maximize efficiency throughout the surgical supply chain.

ConnectSx vTrakr makes it easy to track all your surgical inventory in real-time, but it’s so much more than just medical inventory management software. When integrated with the rest of the ConnectSx platform and your existing systems, vTrakr provides visibility across the entire device lifecycle to facilitate better communication, collaboration and accountability on every case.

The vTrakr iPhone app empowers sales reps to:

  • Scan, search, or input new devices to efficiently track your trunk stock inventory
  • Request restock trays and initiate transfers to move inventory where it needs to go
  • Prevent errors, delays and lost/expired devices that result in massive surgical waste
  • Submit invoices automatically to accelerate payment and improve cash flow

See how easy medical inventory management can be without the hassle of tracking devices manually.

ConnectSx vTray

Our flagship surgical app, ConnectSx vTray leverages our patented approach to deliver device-specific knowledge in the operating room. Designed to extend the effectiveness of medical device sales reps and surgical teams in the OR, vTray provides step-by-step procedural instructions and device tracking capabilities through a virtual surgical tray on your iPad.

Simply touch a device in the virtual tray to access product-specific details and surgical technique guides for each procedure. The app automatically generates a device usage ticket as you go, which can be validated right away to accelerate post-case billing and invoicing. Even if your internet connection is interrupted during surgery, vTray works offline to give surgical teams access to the knowledge they need to support positive outcomes.

See how vTray strengthens the whole surgical team by enabling you to:

  • Track device use accurately with instant access to product-specific data and directions for use
  • Deliver device and procedure knowledge consistently to train sales reps and educate surgical teams
  • Enhance communication and collaboration by focusing on patient care instead of inventory
  • Standardize complex surgical workflows to promote smoother procedures with unmatched support

Streamline procedures and potentially improve patient care with a surgical app that makes teams more effective.

ConnectSx UDidentify

Simplify device tracking and UDI validation with UDidentify, a free app that makes it easy to scan, track and manage unique device identifiers (UDI). Available for iPhone and Android download, UDidentify turns any smartphone into a powerful UDI barcode scanner that gives you instant access to important product details in GUDID, the global UDI database.

Designed to simplify complex workflows for medical device sales reps, distributors and manufacturers, UDidentify makes UDI data more manageable by replacing tedious manual processes with simple, efficient scanning capabilities. With full visibility into device data like expiration dates, lot numbers and manufacturer info, UDidentify can standardize the way you track medical devices.

When you download the free UDidentify app, you’ll be able to:

  • Simplify medical device tracking and identification with an easy-to-use UDI label scanner
  • Reduce the regulatory burden of UDI compliance by managing UDI data more efficiently
  • Improve post-market traceability of medical devices to accelerate recalls and reporting
  • Track the history of medical devices you scan and share the list with your supply chain

Discover just how easy UDI compliance can be with the UDidentify app from ConnectSx.

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