Prevent Surgical Waste, Errors and Delays with Innovative Operating Room Software

Streamline procedures with vTray, a surgical app that provides instant access to device-specific knowledge – making surgical teams more effective.

Lost data and devices can seriously delay surgeries and even impact patient outcomes. Yet many of us still use error-prone manual methods to track and utilize hospital inventory – opening the door to preventable mistakes and massive surgical waste.

That’s why we developed our flagship surgical app to support surgical teams and medical device reps in the operating room. A virtual surgical tray that offers step-by-step procedural instructions and intuitive device tracking capabilities, vTray brings powerful knowledge to the OR. Supported by US patent #9,827,048, vTray delivers critical information when it matters most – supporting streamlined delivery of quality care with the potential to improve patient outcomes

The Advantages of Using vTray in the OR

Empower Collaboration.

By delivering critical device knowledge during surgical procedures, vTray promotes optimal communication and seamless collaboration in the OR. The ability to access data on-demand reduces delays while empowering teams to focus on patient care instead of inventory.

Standardize Surgical Workflows

Designed to simplify complex surgical workflows, vTray manages critical tasks and tools efficiently by replacing manual processes. This ensures procedural consistency across different device sales reps, scrub techs and physicians – promoting smoother surgeries.

Amplify Product Knowledge

With instant access to surgical technique guides and physician preferences, vTray extends the effectiveness of medical device reps in the operating room. Having knowledge in hand simplifies product training to enable unmatched surgical support.

Minimize Surgical Waste

Prevent costly mistakes, delays and wasted hospital inventory that result from wrong or lost devices and data. With simple case planning and device tracking, vTray ensures that the right instruments are used properly to support positive surgical outcomes.

How vTray Operates in the OR

Streamline Device Use Tracking

A virtual likeness of your surgical tray reflects the instruments and implants assigned to each case. Intuitive touchscreen selection makes it easy to track device use and transfer device-specific data, eliminating the need for manual transcription.

Simplify UDI Compliance

Touch a virtual device in the vTray interface to instantly pull up product-specific information like unique device identifiers (UDI). Our patent-pending technology provides an error-free way to seamlessly transfer UDI data onto purchase orders and medical records.

Consistently Deliver Critical Knowledge

With interactive surgical technique guides that can be customized with individual physician preferences, vTray delivers device-specific knowledge and step-by-step procedural instructions to assist surgical teams in the OR – even without internet connection.

Accelerate Billing and Invoicing

As you click through the steps of a surgical procedure and mark devices as used, vTray automatically generates a validated device usage ticket. This secure digital record can be signed and delivered in the OR immediately to speed up billing and invoicing.

Access Medical Device Data When It Matters Most

Discover how vTray bolsters the whole surgical team by delivering critical knowledge about medical devices in the OR.

How vTray Compares to Other Surgical Information Systems

What makes vTray the most effective operating room software for enhancing surgeries?

More Accurate Than Manual Methods

Many hospitals still use handwritten notes to document surgical tools and techniques – allowing mistakes, delays and missing data. Prevent errors with vTray, a surgical app that automates device tracking and product knowledge to expedite procedures without sacrificing quality.

More Reliable Than Other Surgical Apps

Most surgical apps require internet to track and access critical data, but what happens if you lose connection during surgery? ConnectSx vTray works when you need it, so you can download case details before procedures and sync changes afterward with rock-solid reliability.

More Innovative Than Your Old Surgical Tray

If circulating nurses and scrub techs aren’t familiar with a device in the surgical tray, how can they effectively assist surgeons? ConnectSx vTray fills a void in the surgical information system by delivering all the device knowledge you need to navigate procedures smoothly.

More Connected Than Operating Room Software

Surgical teams rely on a combination of tools to guide operations in the OR. But unless systems are seamlessly integrated, device data can’t flow smoothly from case planning to inventory tracking to final billing. As part of the ConnectSx platform, vTray connects all the dots.

Stop Wasting Inventory and Start Optimizing the OR

Enhance the effectiveness of medical device reps in the operating room, and get a sneak peek of the streamlined surgical experience that vTray makes possible.

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