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During the demo, you’ll learn how ConnectSx provides:


Full visibility across the entire medical device supply chain so you can manage device data and case details in one place


Optimal efficiency to improve complex workflows without administrative hassles, human errors, disruptions or delays


Actionable insights about field inventory and device usage to empower innovation and improve performance


Patented knowledge delivery to support device-specific training, education and technical guidance in the OR


Intuitive device tracking capabilities that simplify UDI compliance to keep up with changing healthcare regulations


Faster billing and accelerated payments to improve your cash flow and potentially reduce healthcare costs

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No Pressure Here!

We get it; sometimes you want to do a little more digging without the pressure of a phone call or video conference. Trust us, we’re as introverted as you are. And that’s cool. Just drop us a line and let us know what’s holding you back or what else we can provide before taking things to the next level. Once we do get you on the line, we primise to be incredibly charming.

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Take Control of Complex Medical Inventory

Discover how ConnectSx vTrakr can simplify medical inventory management.
Download our free medical inventory software to preview vTrakr’s capabilities.