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Before we get into the necessary setup of your vTrakr account, let’s take a look at the landing page for the app. The vTrakr App Dashboard provides a high level view of your cases, transfers, inventory statistics, and helpful shortcuts. Navigate to other tabs in the app by selecting the different icons along the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen (“Cases”, “Inventory”, “More”). 

You’ll note there are some other options on the dashboard screen:

  • Create Case Record – this is a shortcut to scheduling a case and accessing the case workflow (also accessible through the + button on the cases tab)
  • Add Inventory – this is a shortcut to entering your inventory into the system (also accessible through the + button on the inventory tab). This should be your first action upon signing up with vTrakr. 
  • Request Inventory – this shortcut allows you to send an email request (or in-app request if your manufacturer is a subscriber) to your distributor or manufacturer to request specific inventory. 
  • Cases Overview – Easily view and access cases scheduled for today, open cases, or closed cases. 
  • Transfers – view your pending transfers, and click on one for a shortcut to the transfer detail page where you may accept or decline them. 
  • Dashboard Statistics – these insights give you information about your cases and inventory at a glance. Click on one to automatically jump to that respective area of the app. 
Last Updated On July 03, 2019