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  • To start scanning UDIs into your history, login or click the “back” arrow to navigate to the main screen, where you should see a split screen of your camera view finder and your UDI history below that (see screen shot).
  • Simply point your camera at your barcodes, and the app will start scanning in your UDIs.
    • Note: You may need to manipulate the distance from the barcode to help your camera to focus. Try to center the barcode if you are having issues.
    • Note: Your barcode must be tied to data that is in the Global Unique Device Identifier Database (GUDID) in order to scan properly.
  • You should see your UDIs populate below your camera’s view finder in a color coded list, once scanned.
  • The Icons below your camera’s view finder and above your recent history allow the following functions (from left to right):
    • Enable/Disable the camera’s flash.
    • Enable/Disable your camera.
    • Delete UDI history
  • The icons along the top of the screen enable the following functions (from left to right):
    • See your account information and logout (email address/password)
    • See additional help
    • Type UDI – this will allow you to use the keyboard to enter a UDI manually.
    • Access your history
Last Updated On August 29, 2018