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  • To use the barcode scanner, you may need to authorize UDIdentify to access your Camera and your Photo Library. 
  • Once UDIdentify has access to the camera, all you need to do to scan a barcode is to point the camera at the barcode you’d like to scan, and your UDI will appear in the list below the viewfinder. 
  • When a barcode is scanned the viewfinder will flash a colored highlight of the barcode area. This color will match the icon next to the UDI text in the list below to help you distinguish which barcode scan is which. 
  • Click on a UDI in the list below to view the device’s information. 
  • UDIdentify utilizes the FDA’s GUDID parsing engine to display device data and parse a UDI. If a device is not stored in GUDID (For example, a tissue product or a device that was produced before the GUDID database was implemented), UDIdentify will not be able to deliver that device’s data. 
    • Note: In the event that a UDI cannot be scanned or parsed, you might try using vTrakr. vTrakr is another component of the ConnectSx platform that enables you to track inventory, store inventory data, manage case scheduling, and more. vTrakr utilizes our own parsing engine and allows for manual entry of device data if you’d like to pursue this as an alternative option. vTrakr can be downloaded from the iOS app store and can be found at this link:
  • Once a UDI barcode has been scanned it will be added to your scan history. 
  • From your history you can click on a device to view all of its GUDID data. 
  • From the List View of your history, you can also change the quantity of a particular device. Click on the “Edit” symbol under each item to modify its count.
Last Updated On June 28, 2019