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  • You may want to create a group for them to easily identify your scans at a later date or to make them easier to export. When a group is created it will segment those items in your history. Just click the “Group” button to create a group. 
  • You may create a group based off of any criteria you wish, but some examples might be: 
    • Items scanned on a particular date 
    • Items scanned in a particular surgery
    • Items scanned from a particular warehouse bin or location
  • Once you’ve created a group it will become your “Active Group”. You may then start scanning devices and they will be associated with this group. 
  • Next go to your history and you can view your scanned items by group. 
  • You may choose to export just a particular group of scans rather than exporting your entire scan history. Click on the vertical ellipsis next to that group to see your options, and select “Export”.
  • You may also edit the Group Name by clicking on the vertical ellipsis next to that group and selecting “Edit”. 
  • When a new group is created, your previous group will be moved to inactive, but will still be stored in your history. 
  • To add more devices to a non-active group, click on the vertical ellipsis next to the group in the history and select “Move to Active”. Then you may add more scans to that group. 
Last Updated On June 28, 2019