How are you managing your inventory? 

Its not uncommon for us to hear that companies are using Excel spreadsheets to manage their inventory. They’re making manual changes that are prone to error and the files are not secured or monitored for who is editing them. Just as frequently we hear about companies using outdated systems, or a frankenstiein monster setup of different softwares to accommodate their needs. Maybe this worked for you once, but these solutions are rarely scaleable for long. 

How long can you tolerate inefficiency? 

In the absence of a system properly suited to your inventory management needs, you’re probably dealing with a lot of waste. 

  • Making changes is manual and cumbersome, bogging down internal teams
  • Manual errors and fat fingers are rampant, resulting in rework and potential impact to field distribution
  • There is no traceability for who changed the data or when
  • There is no historical context or transaction history to audit when inventory is wrong
  • There are no checks and balances to guarantee your data is correct
  • Files are stored insecurely and could be deleted off your server accidentally

Imagine, what could life be like? 

Implementing a robust and nimble inventory management system based in the cloud could drastically improve your operations. Imagine if: 

  • Inventory transfers, Inventory requests, restocking containers, and replenishment happened in a seamless workflow
  • Changes to critical data were tracked with Time stamps and usernames
  • Inventory movement creates a traceable audit trail
  • All inventory consumption and creation is tracked and can be traced back to the source
  • Critical dates like expiration, due back dates, and need by dates are all handled through notifications
  • and so much more

What value does this offer to your business? 

We’re not just offering reduced stress and a clearer mind here, implementing ConnectSx will drive value for your business in myriad ways. Just think of: 

  • The reduction in expired product because of your enhanced capability to manage and sell through it before expiration
  • The increased inventory turns you can achieve by optimizing your inventory and managing due back dates
  • The increased revenue realized from having full case schedule visibility and streamlined billing processes
  • The opportunity cost of the man hours saved by eliminating cumbersome workflows, manual error, and rework
  • And so much more…

Managing a medical device company has never been easy, but now more than ever pressures within the industry are forcing companies to adapt. The tolerance for waste and historical inefficiencies is coming to an end as leaders look forward to how to find new strategies to drive their business forward. ConnectSx is at the forefront of this shift, reach out to us today to discuss what ConnectSx can offer your company.