Last week I continued our discussion of what the “New Normal” will look like as the pandemic restrictions ease, and a running theme we’ve observed is the push to reduce human contact throughout the value chain. One challenge this presents is being able to account for your inventory when it is necessarily out of your hands so it is not lost. Another similar challenge is how to keep track of your inventory when it is deployed in the field (consigned, loaned, etc.), so you can make sure it’s ready for the case. Reps don’t just have to make sure they don’t lose their loaned and consigned inventory, they also need to make sure that it has arrived and has been sterilized so the case can proceed as planned – to do that they need to track inventory movement.

Historically the medical device value chain typically is fairly disjointed leaving a burden on the reps to constantly be checking on deliveries to their home and assorted provider locations, making sure the right inventory has arrived, and ensuring that it gets through SPD in time for their case. That’s a lot to manage for one person, and then multiply it for how many cases are in a day, a week… With that many balls in the air it’s surprising more don’t get dropped.

What if…a rep could view their incoming inventory, with all related product information and surgical technique guides, alongside the shipment tracking information. What if… a provider representative could mark the shipment as received, notifying the rep that the inventory is secure? What if… the rep got notifications on their phone that inventory has entered SPD, been processed, and is ready for their case? What if the Rep isn’t present for the case, but they get notified that the case was completed, 5 implants were used, and the inventory is ready to be picked up after cleaning?

It may sound like this is the future of where we’re headed, but it’s not. Right now ConnectSx enables exactly this – track inventory throughout the value chain from the manufacturer’s doors to the OR, just by scanning a barcode along the way. Provider representatives, who aren’t even your paid users, can mark that a tray or device has ben sterilized, just by scanning the barcode.

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