The day to day experience of the medical device rep has been changing rapidly for years. But nothing has impacted their lives quite like the covid-19 challenges they are experiencing today in the medical device value chain. As the reality of the pandemic set in, elective cases were cancelled or rescheduled across the board and OR access was minimized. In many cases, access was eliminated altogether.

Now, as the country starts to open up again and cases are being rescheduled, the job of the device rep is more critical than ever to deliver impeccable service, on-time delivery of medical devices, and contribute to excellent patient outcomes. It’s now that customers need reps the most, and this time is critical for reps to preserve and build on their relationships with physicians and providers. 

Many patients have been waiting to have their procedures for months and, in many cases, have experienced ongoing pain as a result. Our ability to provide these patients a safe and successful surgical experience  hinges on our ability to deliver the right products to the right places at the right time. It hinges on our ability to deliver all the knowledge and support necessary to produce the best possible patient outcomes.

The industry is scrambling to prepare for the coming surge in elective surgeries; scrambling to recapture lost revenue and manage long outstanding patient need. Because of that logistics and coordination matter now more than ever. The old way of managing medical devices and critical surgical inventory is not going to cut it. Customers (surgeons, administrators, care teams) need to know that they will have the medical devices they need, when they need them, reliably, and know that they are safe. A huge part of that means tracking those devices effectively and efficiently. Without that, it is all too easy for things to fall apart. And in the wake of this recent crisis, there is no margin for error.

As you reengage your customers and look for new ways to meet their needs in this evolving environment, you’re going to need the tools to support your work and to deliver for your customers. Some of these tools may already be in your bag. We suspect many of them will be new. But you are going to need them if you are going to win. ConnectSx can help.