Our team will be starting the new year in a new home at 9301 West 191st St in Mokena. We’ll be sharing the space with our sister company, Flow-FX, LLC, a surgical device company that’s changing the way the industry thinks about delivering biologics to bone. This is a great opportunity for ConnectSx to grow and collaborate, and we’re anxious to get started. The building, formerly a restaurant and banquet hall, was rehabbed by our own Ray Hines; we can’t wait to make the move!

ConnectSx continues to work with our partners to improve surgical care by ensuring a transparent and accountable supply chain for medical devices, leveraging data analytics, and delivering improved procedural education and support on demand. We are committed to creating a healthcare space driven by innovation and collaboration; this move gives us the space and resources we need to continue on that path.

If you’d like to come see the new space once, we’ve moved in, drop us a line. We love company!