ConnectSx makes managing … well, everything … easier.

Don’t believe us? Watch our demo videos below and decide for yourself. 

We believe in transparency. We believe that you deserve to know what our field inventory and sales management platform does before you decide to schedule a call. Is that a novel idea? Maybe. But we are more interested in driving value into your business than we are in tricking you into a sales conversation. So take a look around; we have over 2 hours of content covering the key components of our platform. If you have questions, we’re all ears

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AI-Enabled Device Use Marking (4:39)

The Basics

ConnectSx Overview (1:59)

The Dashboard (2:22)

Your Directory (4:35)

Managing Inventory and Movements

The Product Catalog (8:27)

Inventory Data (19:45)

Locations and Visibility (3:05)

Request from Suppliers (5:15)

Bills of Material (10:06)

Requests and Transfers (16:42)

Creating Inventory (8:46)

Inventory Audits (4:14)

Managing Cases and Sales

Scheduling Events (5:54)

Recording Sales (6:21)

POs, Invoices, & Payments (7:08)

Managing Everything Else

Users (6:16)

Settings (5:44)

Reporting (3:56)

vTrakr (Mobile)

Navigation (7:14)

Scheduling Events (5:33)

Requesting Inventory (4:10)

Booking Sales (4:51)

Sharing Sales Orders (2:57)

Adding POs (1:33)

Requesting Restock (2:22)

Transferring Inventory (4:19)

The Directory (4:22)

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